Hormone Replacement Therapy to Treat Heart Disease After Menopause

Hormone Replacement Therapy to Treat Heart Disease After Menopause

Menopause is when women stop having periods and there are no chances of getting pregnant. It occurs between age of 45 and 50 as women’s estrogen levels decline.

There are some research which describes that menopause affect the heart. When a person grows older there are more chances to develop heart diseases.

The heart diseases which are main cause of deaths are more likely to increase during menopause. This is due to the decrease in level of estrogen which helps in proper functioning of arteries.

Hormone Replacement Therapy can be a way to treat the symptoms as it alleviates causes. There are no proven evidences to approve this therapy.

American Heart Association cautions against the therapy to reduce the risks of heart disease after menopause.

A study suggests that therapy may be effective to protect the heart if it is taken before the menopause.

Study authored by Prof. Glen Pyle University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada states that heart had fundamentally changed during perimenopausal period.

Perimenopausal periods are the time duration before menopause.

The new study was based on perimenopausal period. Earlier studies were done on menopausal or postmenopausal hearts because scientists were not able to replicate perimenopausal stage in mice.

New study states that a group of mice entered into menopause phase gradualy after 4 months. Their hearts worked normal but there were instances of stress.