Obesity: Which Factors Cause to Gain Weight?

Obesity: Which Factors Cause to Gain Weight?

Weight gain is lay term for obesity. Obesity is a medical situation in which person gain excessive weight which affects their health.

Body Mass Index(BMI) is used to calculate the weight of person. This tool calculates weight by analyzing various factors height, age, and sex.

If a person has BMI ranging from 25 to 29, person has excessive weight. A BMI of 30 or above shows that person has obesity.

There are other factors that are also used to calculate weight such as Waist-hip ratio(WHR), Waist to Height ratio (WtHR).

Obesity or excessive weight can increase the chances of many diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and sometimes cancer also.

There are many factors such as food, lifestyle, sleep behavior or many others that cause the weight gain. Weight gain can be controlled by exercise, changes in diet meal or workout also.

1. Consumption of Weight gain Calories

When a person consumes more calories than required which are used as energy, body deposits them as fat. This increase the risks of obesity.

There are many foods that also cause to gain calories:

  • Junk Foods
  • Oily Foods
  • Processed Meal such as bread
  • Foods with high sugar
  • Diary Products like butter, milk, ghee
  • Sugary Beverages such as juice, cold drinks, coffee.

Consumption of these foods in excess quantity causes weight gain or obesity. If a person consuming fruits and vegetables but doing overeat, this can also be a possible reason of obesity.

2. Not Doing Physical Workout

In today’s lifestyle person is doing sitting job whole-day, using vehicle to mobile, or using mobile phones to play games all time. All these factors are also responsible for obesity. People burn calories when they move. Doing physical workout in gym is not necessary, walking, swimming, cycling also contribute.

A study published in MJ Open Sport and Exercise Medicine in 2017 describes that physical activity is an important aspect to maintain a healthy lifestyle including insulin senstivity.

3. Not Getting Enough Sleep

When a person is not taking enough sleep i.e. 6-8 hour sleep, there are chances of weight gain or obesity.

Due to lack of sleep ghrelin hormone is produced in the body. That hormone stimulates appetite. At the same time leptin hormone is not produced because of lack of sleep and leptin hormone suppresses appetite.

4. Weight Loss Medications

There are many medications that causes weight gain. A Daftar Bola88 review resulted that some medications caused people to gain weight over a period of time instead of weight loss.

Some causes weight loss also. If you are on new medication consult to your doctor that these medications have effects on weight or not.

5. Weight Gain Genes

FTO (Fat mass and obesity associated gene) also causes obesity. FTO gene affects the quantity of gherlin what a person has. Ghrelin hormone affects the production of other hormones and how fatty substances accumulates in the body.