What are Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

What are Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

The most common symptoms of breast cancer is lump on breast. There are many other symptoms such as redness on breast, change in size of breast, or liquid discharging from nipple. If you see any of some change in breast, area around breast, armpits, consult immediately to specialist for further evaluation.

The earlier you diagnose changes in breast, the earlier will be treatment. There is no need of any medical knowledge to find out the symptom, just look, touch, and check breast.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO) Breast cancer is most common cancer in women and also causes most cancer related deaths among women.

In this article we will discuss early breast cancer symptoms that are important to know before any severity of cancer.

1. Discharge of Liquid

Liquid discharge in form of milk is common in women who breastfeed. It is noncancerous. If you are not feeding and liquid discharges other than milk, it can be one of possible causes of breast cancer.

2. Nipple Retraction

Breast cancer cause changes in cell of the breast and nipple gets inward or retract into the breast or may look different in its size Slot88 Login.

3. Redness

Breast cancer can cause change in color of breast. Breast color changes to purple, red or sometimes color disappears.

4. Swelling on or around Breast

Breast cancer causes swelling on breast, around the breast, armpit, or around collarbone. Swelling mostly occurs before you feel lump on breast. Swelling causes change in size of the breast.

5. Breast Pain

Usually people doesn’t feel any pain in breast due to cancer. But in some cases breast cancer causes pain, or discomfort in the breast.

6. Changes to skin Texture

Breast cancer cause changes in texture of skin. It include:

  • Skin looks as sunburned or dry
  • Skin is getting thick in any part of breast.