Fruits To Avoid If You are Diabetic Patient

Fruits To Avoid If You are Diabetic Patient

People often says that fruits are not healthy if you are diabetic. Actually it is not true, you can take fruit with your diet plan.

Some fruits is best for one person and same fruit is not healthy for another one. This is because of everyone responds to food differently.

One simple trick to find out which fruit is best for you and which is not: take a blood sugar test before or after eating fruit.

There is a famous quote “Excess of anything is bad for health”. This same implies here. Keep check on intake of fruits.

There is a chance you can control your blood sugar if you take fruits in appropriate quantity. Stop taking of fruit juice to keep blood sugar under control. Avoid fruits that are ripe. Glycemic Index of ripen fruit is very high.

Here’s is list of fruits that are inappropriate for diabetic patients because of high glycemic index. Have a look:

1. Banana

Glycemic index of banana is two times higher than other fruits. It means if you eat one banana, you consume same carbohydrates as compare to two servings of another fruit.

If you love banana, consume 1/2 first and consume another 1/2 later.

2. Mango

Whole mango contains 30 grams of carbohydrates and 26 gram of sugar. Prefer when mango is raw and 1/2 portion. Because glycemic index of ripen fruit is very high.

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3. Dry Fruits

Some foods like yogurt, chocolate, milk etc. Flavored with dry fruits contain high amount of carbohydrate, sugar. Avoid dry fruits and load your diet plan with fresh and seasonal fruit.

If you want to eat dry fruit, consume dried apples, dried peaches, dried plum and many more.

4. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is a healthy beverage. If you have hypoglycemia, fruit juice can be avoided. One glass of orange juice is made up of more than 1 oranges.

One 8-ounce cup of orange juice contains 112 calories, 26 gram of carbohydrate, 20.8 gram of sugar and no fiber.

Note: There is no reason to avoid fruits if you are diabetic. Include fruits in your diet plan as fruits are rich in fibers, nutrients. Make sure that intake of fruit is in appropriate quantity. Avoid fruits that have high glycemic index (GI>55). You can also prefer medium glycemic index fruits- but in limit quantity. If you are consuming fruit juice, avoid sweetened juice- because of fructose blood sugar can rise and risks of heart disease are more.